Friday, October 05, 2012

NFL Pick'em: Week Five

This week's Pick'em is a little late.  I hate Thursday night football.  I have to work so I can't watch it, but more importantly it confounds my sense of relaxation.  So up yours Thursday night football, you will NEVER be featured in the Clash of the Titans.

The new scoring system is starting to pile up points for our pulchritudinous participants.  Forgive the baseball metaphor, but the IDYFT NFL Pick'em is entering its steroids/juiced ball era.  This contest is still open, and points can be scored in a hurry, with bonus points coming as a fury in a cream sauce spiked with curry.

1.  Big BM:  19 pts (+11)
Adw:  19 pts (+13)
2.  Garwood:  13 pts (+10 and nailing both bonus questions)
3.  Jess:  9 pts (+6)
4.  Barnyard:  2 pts

Week Five
1.  Your Big Shoe-in?  +3/-2
2.  Your Little Shoe-in?  +2
3.  Surprise!  Your underdog list:  (+5)
     Brownpoo, Buffaloaf, Jests
4.  I Dislike Your Favorite Team +1/-1
5.  Clash of the Titans +5:  Philly Eagles at Pittsburgh Steelers
(very sorry to use Philly two weeks in a row but this is the most compelling clash)

Bonus Questions +2
6.   Which game will be a blowout?
7.   Which game will be the closest?
8.   Pick a RB to gain 100 yards rushing


Andrew Wice said...

1. 49ers
2. Houston
3. Brownpoo
4. DC wins, breaking the home losing streak!
5. Steelers win
6. Houston blows out Jests
7. Seattle/Carolina
8. Alfred Morris

Big Blue Monkey 2: The Quickening said...

Due to the awfully short notice, Jess and I will be posting our picks in the same comment. Mine are first:

1. Green Bay
2. Houston
3. Cleveland
4. Skins win
5. Pittsburgh
6. Minnesota/Tennessee
7. Denver/ NE
8. Arian Foster

Jess says:

1. Baltimore
2. Green Bay
3. Buffalo
4. Vikings lose
5. Pittsburgh
6. Seattle/Carolina
7. Atlanta/Washington
8. Frank Gore

per head said...

I hate when I try to watch a game and I can't. it would be a great if they have a stream affordable service to check them later. Because on youtube. they will take out the video fast.