Wednesday, October 24, 2012

NFL Pick'em: Week Eight

Approaching the halfway point of the season, the NFL is swamped with teams at or below .500.  In fact, this week only features two games in which neither team has a losing record (the Philly Dog Killers for Pleasure and Profit are 3-3) so they are both featured in this week's Clash.

In Bonus Questions notes, nobody knew that Matt Cassel would be the first one benched.  Very few bonus questions have yielded points so far this season, but many contestants correctly predicted the excellence of particular pass defenses.  This encourages me to offer up even more sweet & salty bonus points.  I know it's more work, but it's good for you.  Damn the circumcised torpedoes, full speed ahead!

1.  Adw:  55 pts (+9)
2.  Jess:  40 pts (+11)
3.  Big BM:  37 pts (+6)
4.  Garwood:  24 pts (+11)
5.  Barnyard:  2 pts

Week Eight
1.  Your Big Shoe-in?  +3/-2
2.  Your Little Shoe-in?  +2
3.  Surprise!  Your underdog list:  (+5)
     Bucs, Rams, Jags, Carolina Pants, Cards
4.  I Dislike Your Favorite Team +1/-1
5.  Clash of the Titans +5:  New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys
6.  Clash of the Titans +4:  Atlanta Falcons at Philly Eagles
Bonus Questions +2
7.  Which game will have the highest combined score?
8.  Which game will have the lowest combined score?
9.  Pick an offense to commit two or more turnovers
10.  Pick a defense to force two or more turnovers


Big Blue Monkey 2: The Quickening said...

The only answer I want to get in ahead of Sunday is #10.

10. Tampa Bay Bucs.

Big Blue Monkey 2: The Quickening said...

Oh, and #3. I'll take the Bucs, there, too.

Garwood B. Jones said...

You sure do love to pick against the Vikes, BM.

1. Green Bay
2. Chicago
3. Rams win
4. Vikes win
5. Giants win
6. Eagles win
7. New Orleans - Denver
8. San Diego Cleveland
9. Cardinals commit two TOs
10. Chiefs force two TOs


Big Blue Monkey 2: The Quickening said...

And I right to pick against the Vikes. It always pays off in the end.

1. New England
2. Green Bay
3. already picked and won Bucs
4. Dallas loses.
5. Giants win
6. Eagles, with a very questionable call.
7. Eagles/Falcons
8. Miami / Hets
9. Jacksonville
10. the already picked and won Bucs. (suck it, Garwood)

Andrew Wice said...

Wasn't it hilarious when everyone was crowing "the Vikings are real!" after four weeks?

1. Packers
2. Chicago
3. Cardinal upset
4. DC wins on the ground, baby
5. Giants
6. Philly (NFC east bias?)
7. Saints/Broncos
8. Seattle/Detroit
9. Jags
10. Chicago

Big Bm, are you admitting that you made your Bucs picks after the Thursday game?

Jess said...

1. Chicago
2. Green BAy
3. Cards
4. Lions Win
5. Giants
6. Atlanta
7. Atl/Phil
8. Oakland/KC
9. Dallas
10. Atlanta

Garwood B. Jones said...

In the interest of detente, enjoy your Sunday, Washington fans.

I have nothing against the team but I sure have come to enjoy seeing their fans suffer.

(I don't know what detente means.)

price per head said...

I really like those game when both are quite good that they haven't lost even a single game.