Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ricky Rubio, Remember When?

Look, I could dwell on the craptacular nature of his injury. I watched it in real time (with 20 seconds left in the game), and at the time, I thought, "Oh, he banged knees with Kobe, no big deal." And then I saw him trying to walk it off, and I was like, "Oh, shit."  And yesterday, the news came down. You probably know it.

And hey, I could gnash my teeth and rend my garments, and talk about how the Wolves, as the 8th Seed in the playoffs really match up well with the OKC Thunder and now we won't know, because we won't make the playoffs now.

I could also talk about how righteously the Timberwolves GM David KAAAAAHN made sweet gentle love to the brains of the Washington Wizards when he got the pick that became Ricky Rubio by trading Randy Foye and Mike Miller, two players that the Wizards did not trade and did not re-sign, thus making Ricky Rubio literally a guy the Wolves got for nothing, in that the Wizards got nothing out of the trade.

But what I'd rather do is use this opportunity to be a huge dick to look back on the all those guys who said that Ricky Rubio would never play in Minnesota. And let's preface that look with one of my more prescient paragraphs ever, written way back in 2010, when I was deservedly giving Kelly Dwyer of Yahoo the business. I was describing with whom an "uninterested [according to Dwyer] Ricky Rubio" would be playing with:

"He'll see Milicic and Pekovic at Center, both under 26 years of age; he'll see Love and Beasley at Power/Small Forward, with Martell Webster and Wes Johnson at small forward; he'll see Wayne Ellington at shooting guard, and he'll have Jonny Flynn pushing him. And a team with a ton of money to swing a sign and trade, if that's what it takes. That's a team that improves on last year's 15 wins. Guaranteed."

That team is in the hunt for the playoffs, and aside from Jonny Flynn being replaced by Luke Ridnour, that's pretty bang on. Oh, and Kelly was a dick about Luke Ridnour, too.

There was Bitchy Jay Mariotti.
There was the vague discomfort of Ball Don't Lie.
SlamDunkCentral wrote: "It seems that Rubio will never play with the Timberwolves."
local favorites(?) 1390 in St. Cloud (The Fan)
The Sports Headaquarters: "The T-Wolves aren’t losers because they’ve never won the lottery, have never improved their spot or have dropped lower 7 of 13 times. Ok, maybe they are, but in this instance they are losers because they missed out on Irving. Cue the 18,000 David Kahn point guard jokes, but seriously they needed one this time. Johnny Flynn is terrible (thanks to being mismanaged and playing in the wrong system) and I still hold firm Ricky Rubio will never play for Minnesota."
There is at least one terrible BleacherReport slideshow.
And a weird reactionary BleacherReport article, in which the authour (who clearly knows what he's talking about as he describes Ricky Rubio as an egomanaic who sees himself as the next Michael Jordan. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY PEOPLE SHIT ON BLEACHER REPORT*)

Unrelated: Duluth Radio gets the poopstain for dimissing Nikola Pekovic way too soon.

*I totally know why BleacherReport gets pooped on. It is managed, produced and written by idiots who don't know anything beyond SEO. That is all.

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Pay per head said...

obviously I am not Ricky Rubio; nonetheless, I do remember when, why does he not want to remember that??? I think he is pretending not to remember it