Monday, March 05, 2012

New Rule in Minnesota Stadium Writing

If the sports columnists of the Twin Cities (to a man, supporting just about any stadium deal that comes along, including the newest one) are going to keep vaguely asserting that the model of the new Vikings stadium is going to be Lucas Oil Field (happens every day), then they need to start explaining why the new Vikings stadium is going to cost $200 million more dollars and yet be less functional.

You can't keep comparing this new stadium to Lucas Oil Field when one of those stadiums has a retractable roof, and the other doesn't. And again, the stadium with the retractable roof is also the cheaper one? By 200 million dollars? Explain yourself, dicks.

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Andrew Wice said...

"You didn't want the metallic pea Wagon Queen Family Truckster?"

"No, I wanted the arctic blue Sports Coupe."


Griwsald family's old car being crushed flat