Thursday, March 08, 2012

Hypothetical Vikings Stadium is to Lucas Oil Field

As I've mentioned before, a bunch o' times, the proposed Vikings Stadium is being compared to Lucas Oil Field, for reasons I can't quite determine.

But here's a fun question for you to ponder during your lunch break/dog walking/opium haze (I don't judge):

If Lucas Oil Field is the stadium the Peyton Manning built (and it undoubtedly is) than who is the player that will hypothetically "build" the new hypothetical [Sponsorship Pending] Vikings Stadium?

Will it be the stadium that Adrian Peterson built? The stadium that Antoine Winfield started to help build, before  his shoulder acted up and he had to go home? The Stadium That time-traveling Christian Ponder built, after he had a glorious ten-year career in which he put up Manning like numbers? Or will it be the stadium that Peyton Manning built again?

I've ridiculed the notion that the purposed Vikings Stadium is anything like Lucas Oil Field, despite the constant, unexplained comparisons the local media like to throw around.

But one, really obvious glaring difference is that the Indianapolis Colts had won the goodwill of the City of Indianapolis, and many of its denizens, by being an incredibly successful franchise for a over a decade.

Vikings fans are so desperate to have a team they can believe in that if they had the kind of run that Peyton Manning had given the Colts, they would have agreed to a stadium on the moon, if the ownership of the Vikings, The Wilfs*, had requested it.

There are a whole truck load of reasons that the new proposed Vikings Stadiums isn't like Lucas Oil Field, but one of the most obvious is still the one least talked about--does a team, that vacillates between criminally average and mercenary deserve a House That The Taxpayers Built? Adrian Peterson can only do so much, especially coming off that knee injury. Does a team that has been terrible for most of a decade (one Brett Favre fueled season aside) really have leverage? We'll see, I guess.

*There is some truth to the rumor that if the Wilfs get a Moon Stadium, they will change their last name to SWilf, which is short for Space-Wilf. That's TRUE.

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Muumuuman said...

Stadium on the moon? Obsurd. Giant - Zepplin powered floating stadium - now that's the future. It's high in the air, so it's closer to god. When the weather is bad, fly it somewhere else! Also, space flight is dangerous, so fans may not want to fly to the moon.On the other hand, there have been no tragedies involving a zepplin. Ever. Never ever.