Saturday, December 03, 2011

Wait, So the Vikings Can't Just Pack Up and Go To LA?

It depends one's perspective, I suppose, to say how long the Vikings have felt destined to move to Los Angeles. If you are a member of the Twin Cities community, and have been listening to KFAN exclusively, you might think it is a foregone conclusion that the Vikings are like "this close" to leaving if something doesn't happen. By "something", of course, I mean $650,000,000 in public money to buy them a new stadium in a place in Arden Hills, which just so happens to have a lot of other undeveloped land that maybe, just maybe, owners of the Vikings, the Wilf Family, might just develop and not share any of those profits with the taxpayers--even though, in their own ad, they claim the stadium will be "owned" by the State of Minnesota.

TV Ad here.

I've blogged my admiration of Star Tribune report Kevin Duchschere before, and I can only say that my one complaint about his new article, explaining all the things that have to happen before a team leaves is that it was not written six months ago.

I mean, this Viking move has been threatened (not by the Vikings! Just by the people who rely on them, like KFAN's and the Voice of the Vikings, but in no way beholden to them, Paul Allen!)

It is a complex dance, mind you--the NFL wants a team in LA, but they don't want to lose brand power.

Here's the key paragraphs, in my mind, in the article (especially as the spectre of Bob Irsay is continually mentioned in Twin Cities Sports Radio (KFAN, the running dog of the Vikings) :

"'Relocating an NFL team today takes time', said Marc Ganis, president of Chicago-based SportsCorp, a sports business consulting firm. 'It's not one of these things like Bob Irsay' -- who famously moved the Baltimore Colts to Indianapolis in the dead of night in 1984 -- 'pulling the moving trucks up to the facility. Those days are behind us.'"

So all the KFAN commentators who talk about what idiots those of us who think the Vikings are bluffing in their move to LA? NFL watchers, who aren't basically in the employ of the Vikings? They think that maybe The Vikings are bluffing.

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