Friday, December 09, 2011

Least Utilized Stat When Discussing Tim Tebow's 6-1 Record?

I know Tim Tebow is full of intangibles and spirit and Grace and winning. "Winning" is something the teams he has beaten don't have.

Miami: 4-8
Oakland: 7-5
Kansas City: 5-7
New York Jets: 7-5
San Diego: 5-7
Minnesota: 2-10

That's a combined record of 30-42. Even if you toss out that horrible Vikings squad, you still end up at 28-32. Maybe the single most important factor in Tebow's God-Based Winning Strategy is the crappy opponents that God/the NFL Schedulers gave him. The best team Tebow has beaten, arguably is the laughably unpredictable, inconsistent Jets, who also lost to Oakland, and have convincingly gotten their dogs walked by the Patriots. There isn't a real playoff team in the bunch (sorry, Jets fans, but your offense is way to inconsistent to do anything on the road in the playoffs. Oh, and your defense is overrated). Oakland is in the hunt for the playoffs, but certainly their "intriguing potential playoff team" status took a hit when they got destroyed by Miami, yeah?

I'm not taking anything away from a 6-1 run--I just think it is fair to point out that a majority of those teams have a losing record. And the ones over .500 have real obvious flaws. Everyone is talking about how Chicago's defense is going to be a real test, but if their offense is without their starting QB and RB, what kind of test is it, really? Next week, against the Patriots, with a team that can score like crazy, and has a pretty questionable defense against the pass--that's when we will really see what Tebow can do.


Andrew Wice said...

I think you need to add the record of the Chicago Bears at 7-6. That splits Tebow's victories evenly vs. teams with winning and also losing records.

It's also rather disingenuous to use teams' poor records against Tebow when he contributed to their loss column.

Get it? I'm anti-anti-anti-backlash. And I support this message.

Andrew Wice said...

By "disingenuous" I mean "bullshit."

Muumuuman said...

Jesus scores!

Big Blue Monkey 2: The Quickening said...

Andrew, you dummy. That Chicago offense was pretty good when it had Matt Forte and Jay Cutler. The Denver defense had to face neither of those guys, and hence was able to hold da Bears to 10 points, which made that game winnable for Tebow, what with the 59 yard FG and the curious running and fumbling of backup RB Marion Barber.

Like I said, let's see what Tim Tebow can do when he's facing a team that scores against his defense, as I fully expect the Patriots to do.

If you fully explore the W/L records of the teams that Tim Tebow's Broncos have beaten, it becomes just less and less impressive. He beat the Jets! The Jets are a Playoff team! Except that the Jets have lost to everyone of any import (and to the Oakland Raiders, by 10). To Baltimore by 17. To the Pats by 9. To the Pats again, by 19.

That's one example, of one of the better teams that Tebow has beaten. I'm not impressed. If the Denver Broncos beat the Patriots this week, regardless of circumstances (barring a Tom Brady injury) then I'll rethink my calculus. But as it stands, it seems rather clear--Tim Tebow has benefited from an incredibly easy schedule combined with some really inexplicable play-calling and questionable decision making from teams that should have won the game.

Muumuuman said...

What you call "inexplicable play calling," I call Jesus.

Big Blue Monkey 2: The Quickening said...

I rest my case. Jesus can only do so much against Belichek & Brady.

Big Blue Monkey 2: The Quickening said...

I super rest my case.