Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Scheduling Our Limbo

Rather like the end-of-the-world kook who nevertheless brushes his teeth, the NFL has released the full 2011 schedule. And have they ever ... the pretty & colorful interactive team-by-team chart is chock full of nuts and nuggets.

Are we to assume that the league organization is a many-armed octopus, and that the scheduling people are just doing their job without being influenced by the current lockout?

The other possibility is the NFL's desire to tighten the vice by dangling the luscious fruits of the next season just out of our grasp. For example, the season kickoff would be Saints at Packers. I want it!

Tantalus indeed. The DC Skins would have one of their easiest schedules in recent memory, ranking 29th. Even better, our out-of-division games are either against pushovers or (Jets, Patriots) are at home. Sure would be a shame to miss out on a season which has a realistic 9-7 look.

By contrast, the Panthers have the hardest schedule in the NFL which just seems intentionally cruel. They may have a hard time reaching two wins.

Of course, it's all rather pointless if there's no 2011 season. You fucks.


Anonymous said...

"safety first"

Andrew Wice said...

Don't worry, Tantalus waited an eternity after eating before getting in the pool.

Big Blue Monkey 2: The Quickening said...

It was almost certainly front-loaded in such a way as to say, "Hey fans, look what you'll miss out on. Maybe you should start getting angry at the players now."

I don't know why that would work, but it is a hell of a schedule they put together. Poor Carolina. Maybe they can draft Cam Newton AND Andrew Luck.