Tuesday, November 06, 2007

We're Blog Show worthy

Dan of DC Sports Bog says so. So if you ever wanted to watch the Blog Show, but hoped it would have just a touch of the IDYFT flavor, tonight at 5:30 pm (EST) is your chance. Most likely, we'll be feted for our YouTube excavation of the Jacoby/May TheaterVision commercial from 1984. And then Dan and Jamie will move on to actual sports, probably. The shows also appear on YouTube after the streaming is done.

To be clear: We will not actually be appearing in any way. Just our handiwork, maybe. If Dan is to be trusted. As you all know, we here at IDYFT have some trust issues with sportswriters.

This will be as powerful a media source that I've personally been even tangentially related to since I was the captain of my 1996 high school trivia team, going down against the hated Bishop O'Connell Jackanapes.

Incidentally, fellow Washington Area Nerd Diaspora, not only is It's Academic still on TV, they have not changed the set in over 20 years (it appears exactly as it does on my videotape of my appearance), and Mac McGarry is still hosting. He actually appears to have reversed the aging process, as this video from 2005 shows him to look quite a bit younger than he did when I was on. Creepy.


Lucy Rhode said...

Nerd love to all the IDYFT boys! "Diaspora" is one of my top words.

Andrew Wice said...

Good job, Big BM. I feel ... well, not pride ... less shame?

I would love to know which question you boofed that made your team lose.