Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Nick Sundberg, football hero UPDATED

Two negative plays on special teams were the only times the DC Skins did not look in control during their thrashing of the Saints. The Saints blocked a punt, and later a knuckleball snap was mishandled by the punter.

It turns out there was a fair reason: long snapper Nick Sundberg was playing with a broken arm. I emphatically hope he returns to the team as soon as his ulna heals. Hail, Nick Sundberg. You are a true American football hero. Hail.

UPDATE: The Raiders lost their long-snapper to injury on Monday night. The result was three botched snaps and a loss.

UPDATE #2: Washington placed Sundberg on the IR/return list, a new designation which allows Sundberg to return to the team after his injury heals. Hooray! Nice to see loyalty and grit be recognized.


Big Blue Monkey 2: The Quickening said...

The back-up long snapper for the Raiders was terrible.

watching that guy lose his job (or so I presume) on live TV was terrible to watch.

Also terrible? The Chargers offense, who couldn't score a TD despite all the short fields.

Norv Turner is going to have to do better than that if he wants to keep his job. Moving an offense 15 yards and then kicking a FG only works if you get great field position over and over and over and over again. Most teams won't be as generous as the Raiders.

Pay per head said...

of course he is, Nick Sundberg is actually one of my favorite heroes of all time, yes of all times!