Wednesday, September 19, 2012

NFL 2012 Pick'em: Week Three

The IDYFT Pick'em is off to one of its most competitive starts!  Even the most casual viewer of this site is welcome to make picks in the comments section, even if you only came here looking for scuffed balls.  The pick'em has barely begun and literally anyone can win.*

Please enjoy this free contest and win one framed haiku poem by author and testicularean Andrew Wice. Handwritten and custom-framed in blonde aspen wood, this prize is sure to liven up your guest bathroom or garage with a subtle message of beauty and loss. Or, if you don't want that, I'll write a dirty limerick in your honor. Your choice!

New Scoring System
Wow!  Instead of ground and pound, we're switching to run and shoot.

The Big Shoe-In
Pick the one team that will definitely win. Correct pick is +3, incorrect pick is -2.  Don't step in the big poo!

The Little Shoe-In

Pick one team that will probably win.   Correct pick is +2

Pick the longshot underdog of the week from a weekly Underdog List.  +5

I Dislike Your Favorite Team
Each week you may either pick your favorite team to win or you may pick your most disliked team to lose. Your favorite and most disliked can't change during the season.  +1/-1
My favorite team will always be the DC RG3's, while the Dallas Cowpucky will always be my most disliked team.

The Original Clash of the Titans
Get back to basics. A featured Game Of The Week pick.   +5

 Current Standings  (unchanged from last week due to nobody scoring -- see also, Pats & Ravens)

1. Big BM & Adw: 4 pts
2. Swanlund & Jess: 3 pts
3. Ray S: 2 pts

Week Three
1.  Your Big Shoe-in?
2.  Your Little Shoe-in?
3.  Surprise!  Your underdog list:
     Rams, Bucs, Chiefs
4.  I Dislike Your Favorite Team
5.  Clash of the Titans:  Houston Texans at Denver Broncos

 Bonus Questions +2 each
6.  Which game will be the biggest blowout?
7.  Which game will be the closest?

*  I mean this literally; I am not being ironic.


Barnyard said...

1. 49ers
2. Lions
3. The Chefs
4. Packers Win
5. Broncos.
6. Rams/Bears
7. Rams/Bears

I'm back, bitches.

Big Blue Monkey 2: The Quickening said...

Hey, that bitch is back, bitches. Also, Barnyard is being a dirty gambler dick with his 6 & 7 picks.

1. 49'ers
2. Pittsburgh
3. Rams
4. Washington wins
5. Texans
6. San Fran/MN
7. Pats / Ravens

Andrew Wice said...

1. 49ers (a trend develops)
2. Steelers
3. Bucs upset
4. DC wins
5. Texans
6. Colts/Jags
7. DC/Cincy

Jess said...

1. Detroit
2. Niners
3. Tampa Bay
4. Lions win.
5. Broncos.
6. Lions/Titans
7. Colts/Jags

Host Pay Per Head said...

my pick would be:

1. 49'ers
2. Steelers
3. Pittsburgh
4. Bucs upset
5. Texans
6. San Fran/MN
7. Bucs upset