Thursday, August 26, 2010

What Kind of Reporter Asks Tiger if He Still Loves His Ex-Wife?

Quick answer:  A shitty one.

Longer answer, with some context.  Tiger's ex Elin gave what she says will be her only interview to that bastion of hard news, People Magazine.  That's fine.  That's where embarrassing divorces between celebrity spokesman and model spokeswoman go.  That's all this is.  Twenty years ago, a professional golfer could get divorced without it being news, even if he was a dirty bastard who chased ugly waitresses at his local Waffle House.  Because it wasn't news; it wasn't entertainment news, and it sure as hell wasn't sports news (at least in part because we had our senses back then, and we all knew that golf wasn't really a sport.)

But Tiger isn't really a professional athlete.  He's a professional brand.  He's a walking Nike swoosh (to steal a conceit from the ever-quotable Dave Zirin).  He's also a pretty well-regarded professional ho-bag bagger.  It is one of the ripples just beneath this whole scandal, such as it is--every single man in the United States is looking at the low-down hoodrats that Tiger got down with and thinks, "Jesus, if I was going to cheat on my super-hot model wife, and I were a guy about two dimes away from being able to build Scrooge McDuck's Money Vault, I think I could find a better quality of floozy."  And every man in America is right to think that, by the way.  As I have shown, Tiger Woods ain't pretty.

But hey--you want a great way to make Tiger look like a victim?  Have a female "professional" reporter, who must have seen "Eat Pray Love" five times before the press conference, come in and ask three times--"But Do You Still Love Her?"

According to Press Coverage, it was Andrea Peyser from the New York Post.  I don't care she is a woman; I don't care that she doesn't know shit about sports.  I'm researching her, and it is clear she doesn't shit about anything.  Gawker has been detaling her idiocy for years now.

Here's the thing--asking that question over and over again, and having Tiger stoically ignore it?  Makes him seem like a bigger man, and he doesn't need that help.  Hell, I have been as hard on Tiger as anyone has been, and I was sympathetic, as he ignored the questions of someone I now know is a crazy cat lady who is worried about the sluttiness of Lourdes, Madonna's 13 year old daughter.  

Let me be clear--Tiger is a dirtbag.  That's not Elin's fault.  That's not Andrea Peyser's fault.  That's Tiger's fault.  Making Tiger look somewhat sympathetic by asking questions based on rom-coms?  That's not Tiger's fault.  That's Andrea Peyser's fault.  That's the New York Post's fault.  Sending an obvious idiot to cover a sport press conference?  Well, sure, I get that, but find a different idiot.  "Do you still love her?"  Jesus, Andrea Peyser, how stupid are you? 

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Andrew Wice said...

Are you saying that Tiger slept with Madonna's daughter? Is she hot?