Friday, December 07, 2012

Keep Wading Deeper, My Nerfneck

The internet has been reporting that Nerfneck Turner will be fired as soon as this season is over.

This is a great day, and every day henceforth shall also be great!

The Neck has been severed!

Bonus:  I found this classic while searching images of "norv turner neck"

Guess where it came from?  A totally raunchy and hilarious post on this very site, back in the "Badcock" days, about the hiring of Wade Philips in Dallas and Norv Turner in San Diego.  The best part is that I was hilariously 100% right about everything.

It contains this chestnut:

Genius? His playcalling is shit. Shit. Norval Eugene Turner, your playcalling is Shit.

This firecracker post is called Wade Deeper, My Nerfneck and it pulls the saga of Nerfneck into crystalline focus.  Even though it seems to have been written under the influence of Irish whiskey.

Norv Turner, you suck!  Fuck you!

You suck!

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