Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Play Our Euro Cup 2012 Pick 'Em Challenge

Prizes? None.

Reward? The chance to talk about Euro Cup like you have a fighting interest and puncher's chance of winning something, anything in your woebegone gambling life.

Also, maybe you will learn something about soccer or yourself or the greater world at large ("There's a Croatia?")

Click right here on this link highlighted all nice and stuff, register on the super chintzy looking website (Pool password is: VanBasten) I've set this contest up on, and make your picks (I believe you just have to get them in prior to each game starting, so there's rush on the picking. But you'll want to register quickly, before it fills up?, and so you can second-guess yourself as many times as possible between now and June 8th.)

Good luck, jerks!

(if you don't why the password is VanBasten...)

1 comment:

per head said...

very nice challenge buddy, I just wish I could have seen this before the Euro Cup 2012 to accept the challenge, maybe next time!