Tuesday, January 03, 2012

IDYFT Playoff Pick'em Returns! 2012 Liquid Gold Edition

Welcome back, dear friends, and thank you kindly for your patience.

This is week one of the NFL Playoff Pick'em. First prize will be one To The Last Drop t-shirt, the official t-shirt of my novel. This prize is so awesome that I keep giving it away!An alternate prize will be one high-quality book guaranteed worth reading by a published novelist from his personal collection.

If you are reading this, or even if it's being read to you, please feel very welcome to join this competition. It's free + easy, the prize is hip and you're smarter than Colin Cowherd so prove it.

Everybody starts out with zero points; whoever has the most points at the end of the playoffs will win this competition. Enter your weekly picks in the comments section. And good luck to you!

Wildcard Round
1. Cincinnati Bengals at Houston Texans? +/-2
2. Detroit Lions at New Orleans Saints? +/-2
3. Atlanta Falcons at New York Giants ? +/-2
4. Pittsburgh Steelers at Denver Broncos? +/-2
5. Your Shoe-in? +1/-2
Pick one team that will definitely win this weekend

Bonus Questions
6. Biggest Point Differential? +1
7. Closest Game? +1
8. Your Superbowl matchup? +3/+3
9. Your Superbowl winner? +7


Andrew Wice said...

This is so exciting! If no one else enters I might finally win! If only I knew how to disable comments.

1. Bengals
2. Saints
3. Giants
4. Steelers
5. Saints

6. Bengals
7. Falcons-Giants
8. Ravens-Packers
9. Ravens

Jess said...

If I win again this year, will you send me your dog?

Miwacar said...

1. Houston
2. New Orleans
3. NYG
4. 2 Pickets to Tittsburgh
5. New Orleans
6. New Orleans
7. Cinci-Houston
8. GB-Baltimore
9. GB goddamnit

Andrew Wice said...

Sorry, the dog is not on the table. However I will be happy to provide you with a ziploc bag of "evidence" that he exists.

Muumuuman said...

1. Houston
2. Detroit
3. Giants
4. Steelers, please be the Steelers so I don't have to hear/see Tebow until next year.
5. Lions! Ha!
6. Houston
7. Lions/Saints
8. Lions vs Ravens
9. Lions, as predicted by the end of the Mayan Calender.

Jess said...

1. Bengals
2. Lions
3. Giants
4. The Tim Tebow Baby Tebows
5. Lions
6. Falcons/Giants
7. Bengals/Texans
8. Lions-Tebows

Garwood B. Jones said...

1. Bengals
2. Saints
3. Giants
4. Steelers
5. Steelers

6. Steelers
7. Cincy - Houston
8. Patriots - Saints
9. Saints

Michael Hawks said...

1. Houston
2. NO
3. Atlanta
4. Pitt
5. Pitt
6. Pitt
7. Houston
8. Pack - Pats
9. Packers

Big Blue Monkey 2: The Quickening said...

Mike Hawk is a hammer.

1. Astros. I mean Texans.
2. Lions. Fuck it.
3. Falcons. Giants suck.
4. Steelers. Sorry, Jesus.
5. Steelers.
6. Steelers/Broncos
7. Falcons/Giants.
8. GB Packers vs. Ravens
9. Packers.

Jess said...

Apparently I forgot the Super Bowl winner. I don't have to use one of my teams from No. 8, do I? Packers!