Monday, August 29, 2011

But Stadiums Fix Everything

It is sad/funny that it doesn't really matter how many different economists not in the employ of NFL ownership groups state the obvious--that stadiums don't provide anywhere near the economic bump they are assumed to, the opposite will continue to be assumed by just about everybody else.

It seems to me that I've read more than one anti-stadium piece that has in it somewhere, "No one disputes the economic boost a new stadium would provide, but..."  Well, actually--a whole bunch of people dispute it.  And they are all rather smart when it comes to figuring out that sort of thing.  That doesn't stop owners (or potential owners) from being kind of dickish when someone puts a report out there--"Tim Leiweke, AEG president and chief executive, used his appearance before the panel to criticize “those who occasionally come out of classrooms and question whether or not sports facilities have an economic impact.”

From the LA Times, here's the analyst pissing off Leiweke in Los Angeles.

(via Eschaton)

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