The Worst Soccer players of all time

Every single football fan can name his favorite players and list their wins, but how about the worst players to ever play the game? History should not forget these players either, because they are remarkable in their own ways. Here are the worst football players and why they earned this title. The reason is usually the same- terrible game. Some of them have changed careers and understood that this is not their path to follow.

Ali Dia

This was kind of a funny scam. A player’s friend called the Southampton team manager and had a 52-minute conversation trying to convince him to sign Ali Dia because he was famous in Senegal, had 13 International appearances and is a cousin of the legendary striker George Weah. He got a one-month contract. He got his debut by replacing Matt le Tissier. Ran back and forth for 32 minutes and was substituted off.  That is correct, he was that bad.

David N’Gog

Nobody knows how this French player stayed at the same club for 3 years, it is a real mystery in the world of football. For a striker, his results were terrible. He scored just 9 goals through his entire carrier in the Premier League Liverpool football club. After this fail, he bounced around a couple of clubs and got back to his native Stage de Reims.


The greatest manager in the history of football – Sir Alex Ferguson made a huge mistake and without actually watching the player play, he signed Bebe to Manchester United in 2010. The Portugese player received a 7-million-pound salary for the season. He convinced the manager that he is fast, kicks well and scored a lot of goals before playing at a pro level. When the fans of Manchester United saw Bebe play, they had nightmares long after the match was over.

Chris Camara

You know this former player from Sky Sports now, and he is a pretty funny guy. But for his team mates, it was not so funny to watch him play, especially in the big games. Camara was a decent player in smaller leagues, but in championships his play was a disaster.  He suffered a lot of injuries in his carrier that made his play worse and worse with each one. 

Savio Nsereko

Abou Diaby (Arsenal) Savio Nsereko (West Ham). Arsenal 0:0 West Ham United. Barclays Premier League. Emirates Stadium, 31/1/09. Credit: Arsenal Football Club / David Price.

Another mystery surrounded by millions of pounds. In 2009, West Ham United signed a contract worth 9 million pounds. This player changed 11 clubs in 6 years and could not keep any of his contracts before, his play was horrible, and nobody, to this day, can answer the question of why the club dug its own grave that year.

Gus Caesar

From the beginning, he was not the first choice for Arsenal FC’s center back position for the 1988 season. This mistake still haunts the team management even today. Fans remember how he tripped because of his own feet and dozed off while his whole team was playing offside. This is still called the worst performance of League Cup finals.