Is it really a sport?

We all know traditional sports with rules, athletes and stadiums full of fans. In this crazy world of ours, there are some “sports” that will blow your mind. From animal wrestling to racing with invented equipment.


This is a national sport in Switzerland. It got its name from the puck- rubber disk. Some say that it’s something in between golf and baseball, but it’s nothing like that. It is a team sport, with up to 18 members and is played in a field. A player stands and holds a launcher which has a curved metal stick. With it, he smacks a small rubber disk called the hornuss, from the launcher which looks like a long fishing rod. It flies towards other team members who have placards and helmets. The opposing team needs to strike the hornuss, hitting it with the placard.

Shin Kicking

It claims to be the oldest Olympiad in the world because it’s 400 years old. It is a British tradition, and it doesn’t look like real sport at all. It is a contest where 2 fighters kick each other’s shins until one of them falls. One point for one a knocked down fighter. The winner is the one that earns 3 points. Competitors can stuff their pants with hay to protect their private parts.  This sport was first organized by Robert Dover to protest again growing Puritanism.

Ferret Legging

This is an illegal, but still present sport in England. It was popular in 1900s, made a comeback in 1970s.  The participants stand without a shirt on, only with pants tied around their ankles and waste. A judge stands in front of a participant with 2 ferrets in his hands. Those ferrets are thrown into the pants and the belt tightened. Ferrets are small, weasel like beasts with sharp claws and teeth. You get the idea behind the whole “sport”. Now it even has a record. A Yorkshireman name Reg Mellor is a champion because he kept both ferrets in his trousers for 5 hours and 26 minutes, it was recorded in 1981.

 Camel Wrestling

Don’t confuse this with bear wrestling when it’s man against a beast. This is a Turkish sport, where two male Tulu camels, that are specially bred for competitions, wrestle. Owners send their own camels to a ring and get an adrenaline by screaming and chanting in support. The camel that falls first is the looser. They even gave special support to those who tried to prepare them for a competition, but of course they just bang into each other until one of them is hurt or tired.


It is also known as suicide ski biking. Originally, it was organized in the Alps, but now it has spread to the United States as well. Competitors need to go very, very fast down the hills using skis or bikes or a special skiing bike invented in 1892 called skibob.  It’s kind of skiing, but way more dangerous, because you cannot stop a bike on a snowy hill. It ends when competitors crash or the hill ends. There are no winners here.