Biggest scandals in the history of the sports world – Part 1

There are small scandals that everyone forgets and forgives. People always make mistakes, but there are issues that leave scars in the history books. There are a lot of crazy scandals happening in sports every year, fans going mad, people receiving million-dollar fines, but some still keep doing risky things for the gold medals and glory.

“Black Sox”

In 1919 World Series of Baseball, The Chicago White Sox lost the series to the Cincinnati Reds. Only later the reason was discovered. It turns out, that 8 players from the Chicago team were receiving money for intentionally throwing the games. Shano Collins was the player who discovered the corruption in his team and reported the situation, he lost more than one million dollars because of his team mates intentionally losing games. There was a trial and the grand jury banned these players from baseball for life.  A movie called “Eight Men Out” was based on this event and still remains the biggest scandal in the history of baseball.

2000, Paralympic Games, Spanish basketball team

This is one of the greatest and most amoral disgrace in the history of sports. After winning the gold medals in December of 2000 in Paralympic Sydney Games, the Spanish ID (intellectual disability) team had to return all of their winnings, because the team didn’t have any players, who were actually disabled.

This was uncovered by journalist by the name of Carlos Ribagorda who got into the team by pretending to be a handicapped player, but nobody checked to see, if he actually had a disability, and the right to be on the team. He reported that the coach, during a training session, asked the team to play slower, because they were playing too well. The team returned to the Games in 2012, but they were all carefully tested over and over again for intellectual disabilities.

2007 Formula 1 espionage

This whole season of Formula One was the worst in its entire history. Team Mclaren received and used confidential technical information about their fierce competitors, the Ferrari team. This scandal involved a former employee of Ferrari- Nigel Stepney. In the late nineties, he changed teams and at the time was working for Mclaren. Teams went to court, but the case was dropped because they reached an agreement. Mclaren did not receive any penalty. After a couple of months, however, they did receive several penalties, after the second hearing. But the biggest blow for the team was that it was excluded from the 2007 Constructor’s Championship and received a 50 million pound fine.

Rugby bloodgate

This scheme was organized by an English rugby club called Harlequins in which they faked a blood injury acted by Tom Williams to allow a replacement of the player, it happened at a critical moment during the Heineken Cup in 2009 when they were playing against Leinster.

The team’s physiotherapist took fake blood capsules and handed them to over to Tom. In the incident, there was not enough trauma to cause Tom Williams to profusely bleed, so after the match, the team’s doctor made cuts into the player’s mouth to make it look like the injuries were real. The head coach received a 260, 000 pound fine and was banned form the sport for 3 years.