Women failures in sports

This whole blog I have wrote about men failing, but woman are equaly as good and as bad in sports as men.  After all, there can be no success with no failings, and thus some awkward and embarrassing moments of women athletes are listed here:

  • Australian gymnast Olivia Vivian lost control on the balance beam at the 2014 All around Women‘s final. Her face looked terrified, but she managed to finish 5th. She started her professional career just at 8 years old, now she is 27. In 2008, she contributed to the highest score of the Australian team in Olympics and finished in 6th place. Despite the most embarrassing moment of her career she stood up and is still competing and not giving up.
  • Steph Gilmore is a world known surfing champion. Being in a swimsuit and in the sea you can not escape wardrobe malfunctions. This happened to her too in the heat of the competition. Her top started to slip and distracted her from keep her balance and the ability to keep her eyes on the prize and score higher. She managed to pull it up as fast as possible, but it was a close call. No nip slip at this time!
  • World champion gymnast Gabrielle Douglas had a failure too. It does not matter how many times you practice or how good you are, you can be defeated too. A little slip from the balance beam and is the worst thing that can happen to a gymnast. After that she maintained composure and grace in the face of the challenge.
  • It should be very painful to land on your neck with your whole body weight behind you. This can be described in one word- ouch! It happened to dozens of women athletes who ran, jumped, danced or skated. Here is a picture of one of them. You can imagine that this is not the type of performance she tried to show.
  • Woman rugby comes with a lot of blood, injuries and wardrobe malfunctions as well. Players trying to take the ball back from the opposing athletes pull sports bras down, that‘s one way to embarrass your opponent and try to get her to lose focus on the ball.
  • A camera man caught Olympic champions Shawn Johnson jumping from beam to beam and her face was not showing grace or peace, instead it was worried, displaying that something was going not in the direction she thought it would be going. She still nailed the performance and won a gold medal, but those who know gymnastics, also know these expressions are fails for the proffesionals.
  • Leg up! Synchronized swimming is beautiful to look at, but an athlete being hit in the crotch is not so graceful. Just look at this picture and decide if she is gasping for air just being under water and not even noticing whats happening because of the focus on the routine? Or perhaps it is discomfort and pain.

Keep this list in mind text time you trip over your feet during a jogging exercise!