These sports should become a real thing

There are games that come from fiction and became reality like Quidditch from Harry Potter, and who doesn’t want to have super powers or flying brooms? But the idea is the same and people are going crazy about it. That is a prime example, that it can happen, and here’s a list of other fiction sports, that people want to become reality someday. After all, little imagination is the spice of life!

Blernsball from Futurama

So many weird stuff was brought to us by Futurama, but it also gave us Blernsball. It is kin to baseball, but more interesting, because they decided that regular baseball is too boring. The similarity with baseball is that pitchers are throwing a ball and batters must hit it. The difference is that the ball is tethered to the field.  If a ball breaks its tether and flies into the slot  which is on the billboard, that means the team who is on the offensive, automatically wins. If too many balls land in a particular hole in the middle of the field, it creates a „multi ball effect“  and what happens is that dozens of other balls are shot onto the field.  It is an unpredictable game with various players like aliens, giant spiders and robots. That‘s why people love it.

Mutant League Football

True fans of SEGA Genesis have vivid memories of Mutant Football where zombies and mutants are playing a violent form of this regular game in a field filled with traps, fire pits, icy patches and much more. Teams can use things like electricity shockers or jet packs to improve their chance to win or make the game even more brutal. The game tries to do everything as humanly as possible, it is a mix of destruction and everything unlike the world has seen before.

Pyramid from Battlestar Galactica

Pyramid is a mix of football, basketball and rugby. The court looks like a triangle and involves variable numbers of players. The goal is to throw a ball through the small holes on many of the backdrops that decorate the field. Teams are able to tackle each other and the game has many variations. Teams can be large or small, it can be played in alleys or huge fields.  It is a game free of rules, then there is no referee. This leads to rivalries and then players abide by their own code of honor. This is enough to captivate the attention of the audience.

Electro- Magnetic Golf

This sport was created in Aldous Huxley in the novel Brave New World.  It looks as it sounds- magnets push a golf ball into a hole, it makes easier than real golf. In the novel, human effort has been replaced by drugs and easy thrills.  This pseudo cheating game perfectly fits into that world because it removes the patience and concentration that is needed today. It doesn’t sound fun at first to even watch, but players could try to incorporate trick shots, they don‘t follow the rules and the award is based on the speed and style not just if you hit the hole.