Sports That Don’t Exist Anymore in the Olympics

Winter Olympics this year are going to be held in South Korea, PyeongChang. That means that people from all around the world are going to be glued to their TV screens watching elite level athletes competing in various sports. You have to remember that modern Olympics are not the same as in the past, they have adjusted and changed along with the times. There are some sports that do not exists in the Olympic games anymore (or at all for that matter), so here’s a few.

Horse Long jump

The Olympics are supposed to be human oriented, maybe that’s why this is not in the Olympic games anymore. The horse was the main star of this sport. This last equestrian long jumping event took place in the 1900 Olympics and was never recorded again.

Pistol dueling

A pistol is a very old-fashioned weapon in itself when you think, dating back hundreds of years to the ages of pirates and gunpowder. Dueling pistols was an Olympic sport in the 1900s, it was quite bizarre when you think about it, to have as a sport, but the opponents had to fire guns at dummies, not each other, if you’re wondering.

Tug of war

It’s a team sport where people grab different ends of the rope and pull as hard as they can towards themselves. Tug war was an Olympic sport form 1900 till 1920. In 2012 it was considered for a comeback, but in the end it didn’t, it didn’t go through.

Shooting pigeons

You might have heard about clay pigeon shooting, which means you are shooting not actual birds but flying targets. In 1900, when real pigeon shooting was a sport in the Olympics, it was a very bloody game. Shooters slayed hundreds of birds.

Solo synchronized swimming

How can that be you wonder? The last event was in 1992, its very far from the actual meaning of synchronized. Performers needed to sync their swimming to music, or basically just dance in the water. It demanded more precision than athleticism. It was removed from the Olympics because it was not considered a sport anymore.


This game involves hitting balls made out of wood or plastic with mallet (special stick), through hoops in a grass court. This leisure game in today’s Olympics would raise a lot of eyebrows. The same situation as with solo synchronized swimming.


Don’t be ashamed if you have not heard of it before, but it has left its footprint in 1904. It is what you would call American croquet. The difference is, that it is played not on grass but on a hard surface. Only one country competed, and it was the United States of course. This game was removed from the Olympics after that year.

Swimming Obstacle Race

It’s a strange one, you must agree with me. In the 1900 it was part of the Olympics. Swimmers needed to race while climbing over a string of boats tied up in the pool or swim under them. This game made an appearance at the Olympic level just one time and never again.

These strange sports were removed from the games. And it might be, that even some of the events we follow closely now, might not be part of the Olympic games in the future. All of these events have a chance of coming back to the Olympic stage, so we’ll see how it goes, but the only who most likely will never come back is Pigeon shooting, it even sounds terrible.