Social Media Fails

Players have million followers online. Like all people they have their personal accounts on social media platforms too. Because of their huge following even the little mistake or a post at wrong time can be seen under magnifying glass. People make mistakes and let’s look at famous sportsman who failed at some point at social media.

In 2017, September 23, more than year ago LeBron James who is one of the most famous NBA players defended his arch rival Steph Curry. President Donald Trump started sharing his views on sports. He offended NFL player Colin Kaepernick and LaVar Ball and after that decided to call Curry baby-face. LeBron James could not hold back with nonsenses happening and called president a “bum” also said that going to White House was an honor before Trump showed up. This was the most retweeted tweet by any athlete and in on the 18th place of the list. Well done.

On October 9th the same year Chris Foerster who is an American football coach destroyed his reputation and career for good. He recorded himself doing cocaine and sent it to his lover at the time without even thinking that it can be published. She uploaded that short video on his personal Facebook page. Foerster resigned after this fail. He lost both the girl and the career that he worked so hard for.

Kevin Durant is most valuable player of NBA, he earns around 27 million dollar per year, he was titled an all-star eight times in his career. When he comes home as a normal person he scrolls on Instagram or Twitter and reads people comments, and he responds to them, just from different account. He was caught on Twitter doing that when he responded in third person talking about himself. NBA fans are perfect detectives and found that he was doing the same on Instagram too. Durant admitted that, but still he is loved and appreciated by his audience. This fails has made no harm for his basketball career.

Baltimore Ravens were playing in Jaguars in London and got defeated heavily. Their social media team thought that would look funny and to mark that Ravens were playing overseas tried to decorate Queens Elizabeth face and posted it. It became looking very creepy and violated UK law of Non- Broadcast Advertising.  The tweet was deleted very fast because members of royal family can not be shown on any kind of advertisements without their prior permission.

Adidas last year wrote “Congrats, you survived the Boston Marathon” in an email subject line. I think nobody needs to be reminded that 3 people were killed and more than 200 were injured because of terrorist attacks in 2013 marathon. Brand was roasted on social media platforms and all over internet. Adidas apologized with a tweet.

Social media fails are not so common in general because usually for a bigger company, team or athlete there is a team behind every single post and people are just waiting when someone will fail and make a mistake.