Most Hilarious Sports Fails Ever

Sports is a very serious thing for athletes and their fans, for the whole team and their management, but even in the most serious events, some awkward and funny situations may occur. Here are couple of them for you to imagine and have a little laugh at.

Lebron Dunks on Kid

We all know what a huge superstar is Lebron James, children who love basketball adore him too. In 2011 he went to a kids’ basketball summer camp. A video of Lebron went viral in which he was shooting the ball, laughing, and having fun with children when suddenly he ran to the corner to catch a ball and tried to show off his dunking skills. The only problem was that a small child named Evan Mahone was standing underneath the basket and got hit by a falling Lebron James and that sent him flying.

Chinese Hurdler

Hurdlers who are elite look like gazelles on the track. They jump with grace and speed, it’s beautiful to watch and fun to enjoy this sport. In this case, this hurdler can be called- vertically challenged. No exact name was provided, but this happened in one of the Chinese University competitions, and the video went viral. He failed to jump over the first 2 gates and then just continued breaking every gate with help of his hands as he moved them out of his way. The 5th hurdle hit his neck and he fell into a competitor’s lane. The Chinese hurdler got up, and just continued pushing the gates out of the way, but this time in the wrong lane. All in all, he was not the last one to finish. 

Ultimate Fighting Championship Fighter punches himself

Men and women need to be very tough to be MMA fighters. Not often you get to see someone clock themselves out by accident, but it’s a sight to behold. Several fighters have achieved this feat in their careers. But one was specifically hilarious. A fighter was prone on the mat and it looked like that the fight was over, because he was too tired to fight back. However, he took a wild swing and that swing landed on his own face. I’m wondering if the judge counted that as a hit for his opponent?

Toronto Raptors Mascot Fail

No need to explain what’s the mascot that this team has. Of course, it is an inflatable red dinosaur. Over his famous career he has eaten a lot of security guards and cheerleaders to entertain the fans.  In one game he decided that it would be fun to rollerblade down a set of stairs toward the court. It started out ok, but after a couple of feet he fell and landed on his butt. After a couple of seconds someone from the crowd helped him stand up and he tried to continue his journey. But second time he started to pinwheel and landed straight on his face. A double fail and a double laugh for the audience.