If you are bad at sports, you are going to understand

Even if you fail at sports that does not mean that you are a bad person. Your team mates might say that, but they just take physical education class too seriously. If it’s just a practice session, why keep score at all? It’s not an important championship, if it is, you are not playing in it. You are trying, you practice, but what if you are just bad. You are useless, so why do they still expect you to become a professional? If you can understand what this means, you are going to relate to these statements.

People look at you and they think that you are just making fun of sports in general. How can you make a pass while knowing that everything depends on you without having an anxiety attack? You are just awkward and not a fan to be in center of attention.

You don’t get it

Some sports are just ridiculous. You never know where you should be and in what position, combinations are difficult. Someone thinks that running and marking people is fun, but not you. When people go group running, you are just not a part of the gathering. You cannot see them anymore in front of you, and just stop to eat a hot dog from the stand, forgetting what you even came to the park for at all.

Rules are stupid

They are just too complicated, and you asked too many times now, and it is not acceptable to ask someone to explain to you again. Should you run or stand and wait? The more you think about the rules, the more confusing it gets. Someone thought that taking 2 nets, a ball and a bunch of people running back and forth is a good idea.

Your fitness is not the problem

To be good in these activities, you should be born with some kind of magic powers or supernatural abilities or you should work every single day for a good physique. Frankly, you have better things to do like having a normal social life and not being sweaty all the time. It also requires motivation which you don’t have it. You just binged another Netflix show and are happy being a couch potato from time to time. This also counts as a marathon, doesn’t it?

Bench is your friend

You have never been the first one to shout that you want to be a captain or picked at all, and always the first to volunteer to sit this one out. It’s not just because everybody knows how bad you are but because you have no idea what the rules of today’s game consist of.

You parents made you to try everything

From swimming pools to a basketball court, you have been there. Your parents tried to be supportive, took you to every practice and cheered in every game, they were there for you, but the only game that you ever won and enjoyed playing was Mario cart. It is safe to say that physical activities are not meant for everyone!