How to Handle the Failure

You need meaning in your life and that meaning is created when you reach your goals. The success of those goals depends on how you can handle the failures. It’s easy to say that, but how easy is to do it, and learn from your mistakes? Not to be defeated by hearing “no” or failing at something. Here is a post straight from the Athlete’s locker where failure is inevitable.

Do you want to know what separates losers from winners in every sport?

Failure is the answer and yes, you read that right. Failure is supposed to be this really scary thing that you need to avoid at all costs. To fail means to be humiliated, to lose, have something you worked for destroyed and your motivation after failure dies for good. However, that is not correct, and couldn’t be further from the truth.  Losing a game or two and mistakes that you make, are going to give you experience, they will become valuable by giving you a feedback on what not to do and how you can do better next time. After a loss, you will have a new opportunity to improve because you will learn from it and arrive at the next level of your training.

Usually, there are 2 ways how athletes deal with the failures and mistakes. The first one is the wrong one, and very hard to overcome. When a player loses he/she tells themselves, “I’m an idiot, a loser, good at nothing, I will never be as good as him/her”. They are abusing themselves, having all these negative thoughts and they are killing their motivation one thought at a time, by not believing in their own abilities. To be able to fully understand how to deal with failure, you always need to go back to the basics and the fundamentals, because those are things that will never let you down. Michael Jordan, the best basketball player of all time, in one of his Nike commercials talked about failure. At the last second, he missed his shot, he was cut from his high school basketball team, he experienced failure over and over again, but the commercial ended with him saying, “it’s because of all these setbacks and failures that I’m so successful today.”

People program themselves in all aspects of life, and if you think that you will fail and lose, that’s how you are going to perform. You just have to forget that failure is a possibility and focus not on the outcome, but on how you can play the game or perform better and be proud of yourself after the final whistle blows. Be aware of the fact, that if you failed, you have not lost everything and it’s just another lesson in life that you need to learn. Don’t dwell too long on your failures, move on to the next chapter and try again and if it still doesn’t work, try once more, until you succeed. Pick yourself up, motivate yourself, because remember, if you quit, you quit on yourself. If it’s hard for you to learn from your own mistakes, try observing others, and learning from them first. You will fail, because you cannot perform something perfectly from the start, you need to practice over and over again. Practice does make perfect.

You just have to remember that failure is feedback and that feedback is your breakfast as a champion! Be your own champion, set your own mini goals along the way and reach them, have that kind of attitude and trust me, you will forget what failure is all together. All the missed shots, games, rounds, all the tears and defeat are the things that are going to teach you humility, appreciation and gratitude towards success.