How Australia Thrives in Cricket but Failed in Leadership – The Steve Smith Scandal

Australia is a beautiful destination to visit. Everything from its weather, beaches, and advancements in technology, makes it an excellent destination for those who want a luxurious and relaxing vacation. the country is well known for several things and this includes its participation in sports. Cricket is one of Australia’s significant games, among others such as Rugby League and American football, which are more violent and are considered contact sports. When it comes to cricket, Australia is one of the leading teams in the world, alongside India and England. However, that changed last year when. Australia cricket captain, Steve Smith, decided to take an alternative to defeat the opposing team in a heated match between Australia and South Africa at Cape Town Stadium.

The Scandal

Cricketer Steve Smith reacts at a press conference at the airport in Sydney on March 29, 2018, after returning from South Africa.
Distraught Australian cricketer Steve Smith on March 29 accepted full responsibility for a ball-tampering scandal that has shaken the sport, saying he was devastated by his “big mistake”. / AFP PHOTO / PETER PARKS / — IMAGE RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE – STRICTLY NO COMMERCIAL USE —

During an extremely heated match between South Africa and Australia in Cape Town. The audience found that there was a scandal taking place. Steve Smith, captain of the Australian cricket team, along with David Warner were caught tampering with the ball during the cricket match. This caused a massive uproar to take place during the game and charges and punishments were dealt out towards the two. The penalty included a 12-month suspension from the sport and the position on the team, which left the carefully guarded reputation of the Australian cricket team in shreds. During the press conference, Steve Smith after a rigidly structured apology to the team and the officials, found himself accepting the punishment and vowing to take his place back on the team.

Failed As Expected?

Within mere days of the scandal occurring in cape town in the game against South Africa, many conferences and interviews were held as to find out exactly why the disgraced captain and his associate resorted to cheating during the match. During an interview with famous Ex-Australian star Kerry O’Keeffe, officials and audiences learned that Steve Smith’s captaincy was supposedly doomed from the beginning. Upon asking why, O’Keeffe replied that Smith was absorbed by cricket since he was 12 which took away his experience and also took away from developing as a cricketer and a person in general, which led to a series of occasions where poor judgment was displayed.

Inexperienced Or Too Young

Steve Smith’s performance was described by O’Keeffe to be extremely immature. He also advised cricket officials to take more time in choosing perfect individuals to fill out the role as captain on the cricket team. Smith Smith was described to be incredibly young and inexperienced to fill out the position that he was placed inadequately. Like two of the other previous young captains in the Australian team, Steve Smith required some skills that he sadly did not have. This is considered to be one of the reasons why captains with life experience should be appointed for every team, as it affects the quality of performance of the team directly. According to other Australian cricket legends, Steve Smith was considered to be a fine cricketer, but he is too naïve, and a bit immature, which shows up conclusively when compared to his decision making in the Cape Town match.