Crazy Doping Scandals in the History of Sports

The past few years, quite a few past doping scandals have been uncovered. Looking back at PED (performance enhancing drug) use, in 1967 the IOC – International Olympic Committee, gathered Medical Professionals to test and ban PED’s because those years saw a huge increase in the usage of substances which enhances athletes’ performances. Year after year new substances and drugs are being blacklisted and banned, along with creations of new drug control agencies like the Anti-Doping Agency which are being formed to perform this task.

These scandals get almost as much global media attention as the events themselves. A lot of well-known athletes have been affected by these types of scandals. In this post we are going to investigate a couple of different sports and their former stars.

Cyclist legend Lance Armstrong

The Guardian first reported that the cyclist lost his seven Tour de France titles, because of long-term, ongoing offences in 2012. After that, he retired from the professional sport world, and said that he wants to spend more time with his family and focus on fighting cancer, which he was diagnosed with. Armstrong strongly denied all doping allegations, but in 2013 he openly admitted to everything.


Alex Rodriguez is a former professional baseball player who is now banned for life from playing in any league, because he was constantly abusing different substances from 2001 to 2013. The last straw for Major Baseball League was when he violated the PED policy in 2013. The Yankees star denied using steroids, but CNN reported that he admitted it in 2014. This was the longest suspension in baseball history.

Floyd Landis

This is another road racing cyclist who was tested positive for using synthetic testosterone and in 2006 he was stripped of his Tour de France title. He tried to blame everything from drinking whisky to just being excited. Of course, he admitted to lying in 2010, and that he was using PED’s for most of his career as a road cyclist. Landis left the cycling world and know owns a cannabis company in Colorado.

Maria Sharapova

She is a famous Russian tennis player. ABC News reported that Sharapova was suspended for 2 years because of a failed doping test in 2016. The tennis star says, that she was unaware of the fact, that meldonium which is a drug that she was using for the past ten years, increases blood pressure and is banned for exactly that reason, because it enhances physical capacities of athletes.

Shawne Merriman

Shawne is a former American football linebacker and was suspended for 4 games because steroids were found in his system in 2006. The football player blamed everything on dietary supplements. He was still banned from the games and nobody believed that excuse to be true.  He retired in 2012, but not because of drugs, an injury was the main reason.  This year he was supposed to participate in bare knuckle boxing event.

Rita Jeptoo

She is a Kenyan athlete who won the Boston and Chicago Marathons in 2013. Sadly, after that she was banned for 2 years from competing, and after the suspension in 2016, it was doubled because it was revealed that she purchased a hormone called EPO which is a blood-boosting substance. Jeptoo bought it from a Kenyan doctor and hid this information from her team’s management.