Biggest NBA Fails in History

National Basketball Association is a men’s league which consists of 30 teams, 29 are from USA and 1 is from Canada. It is the premier basketball league in the world. Even though it is praised and worshiped as the ultimate basketball league in the world – players and staff members are still human, and they make mistakes too, just like we do. Let’s investigate the biggest fails of NBA throughout its history.

Tim Donaghy

He was a referee who worked for 13 seasons in the NBA. In 2007 his career ended because he had been involved in betting on his own officiated games. This scandal was even investigated by the FBI. They found out that the former referee has been involved in organized crime and started betting on his own games in 2005. Sports gambling experts found that during those 2 seasons the teams which were involved, scored more points than were expected to, by sports bookies 57% of the time. Compared with 2 previous seasons during which the percentage was just 44%. Experts said that it could not have happened without an outside factor influencing the results. Donaghy blamed other officials, but that just showed more of his guilt. He was sentenced to prison for 15 months in 2008. He is now released and under the supervision of a parole officer.

Sam Bowie – The Portland Drafting

The top picks from the lottery draft during the beginning of a new season should be the best players that will bring the highest chance of winning or building for the future. But this was a huge miss for the Portland trail Blazers. They drafted Sam Bowie. He had a huge potential, but he also had previous injuries on his leg. There is an unspoken rule in the NBA draft that you should never draft a big man with leg problems. Bowie is the reason for that rule’s existence. Before this draft, the team was advised by Bob Knight who coached Michael Jordan that they need to draft him no matter what, but Portland went with their gut and passed on the greatest play of all times in Jordan.

Microfiber ball

In the summer of 2006, the NBA introduced a new microfiber ball that changed the signature leather one. It was said by David Stern, league commissioner at the time, that it is the best in the world.

Guess what? It was not.

In 35 years of NBA’s existence, nobody thought of changing the ball, but it was supposed to be a huge step forward for the 2007 season. Players hated it. Even a lawsuit was filed against the league. Some players said that they needed to apply lotion repeatedly because it was leaving pieces of fiber in the skin. This was the biggest failed NBA experiment to date, which lasted for 3 months.

One Canada team

NBA always considered itself a global company. It should make sense that they took team from Canada. But from Vancouver Grizzlies disappointment to now Memphis Grizzlies. Toronto Raptors had couple good seasons when they had Chris Bosh, but he left to the South Beach. You can say that if it has no ice that means that Canadians has no interests. It is time for NBA to see it.