A Tantrum That Cost Abrahamian’s Bronze at The Olympics

A Tantrum That Cost Abrahamian's Bronze at The Olympics
A Tantrum That Cost Abrahamian’s Bronze at The Olympics

Playing at the Olympics and winning a medal is the ultimate dream of every athlete in the world. There are many famous stories of how athletes have won medals coming from a hopeless situation and impoverished background. These stories motivate us to keep fighting for our dreams and never giving them up. But there is also a surprising story in Olympic history. Where, after all his hard work and dedication, an athlete lost his Medal because of his bad behaviour.

What’s the story?

During the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Ara Abrahamian, a Swedish wrestler didn’t go down in history, as a Beijing Olympic Medal winner, even after winning the bronze Medal. Abrahamian had already won a silver medal in the 2004 Olympics. He was eyeing a gold medal in 2008, and when the result didn’t go in favour of him, he didn’t take it very well. Abrahamian dropped the bronze medal during the medal ceremony and walked out of the celebration in between. It was ultimately against the traditional spirit of the Olympics. The Olympic committee didn’t take this act of Abrahamian lightly and stripped him of his Medal.

How did it all start

All this saga began in the semifinal match against the wrestler who went on to win the gold medal. The Swedish wrestler wasn’t happy with the decision of the referee and felt that the decision wasn’t fair. The tantrums of Abrahamian didn’t start at the medal ceremony. He was fuming from the time he lost the semifinal bout. His team stopped Abrahamian from going to the officials and arguing with them after the match. He was so angry that he might have hit one of the officials.

Initial tantrums

He went to the dressing room after the bout and hit the door so hard that the interviewers taking interviews nearby were shaken. He was also not sure about taking part in the medal match, which he eventually did and won the Medal.

Disrespectful behaviour

When Abrahamian came to the medal ceremony, he was looking heartbroken. He pulled out the bronze medal from his neck after receiving it from the guest and threw it away. He didn’t even stand there to see other medal winners winning the medals. No other wrestler was awarded his Medal as he was stripped due to his actions outside the mat. So, there was only one bronze medalist on the podium.

The Committee Took Strict Action

The Olympic committee took action against this unacceptable behaviour of the athlete and stripped him of his Medal. The committee said that his behaviour wasn’t appropriate according to the spirit and traditions of Olympic games. He didn’t respect his fellow athletes, and also disrespected the podium ceremony. Podium ceremony is one of the most honoured traditions of Olympic games. The sportsman spirit is a must in the Olympic games. The wrestler didn’t even regret his behaviour after the incident. This Abrahamian incident was not the first incident of its kind. In 1992 Olympics, another athlete showed the same sort of behaviour and was also stripped of his Medal. The athlete regretted his act afterwards, but the Olympic committee didn’t give him his Medal back.